Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The change in the logos of the famous brands may bring a new perspective

Re-branding process of a complete is terribly sophisticated and needs an in depth work for logo design services. From determining the targets to revitalizing designs and applying the changes to the complete in all promoting channels and to the online site; a complete new brand identity is that the results of a meticulous work.

 Brands can go into re-branding method for varied reasons; a modification within the audience, to create a stronger and newer complete identity against the opponents gaining power, and a change in the goals of the complete. With rebranding, a brand will emerge as an utterly new one yet as simply ever-changing the name, the logo or its colors.

Re-branding process of a complete, a product or a service is a very sensitive amount. Brand has to implant the new complete to the minds of the buyer rather than the recent one and leave behind the weak aspects of the recent complete, while carrying the stronger ones into the future.
Gap, Starbucks, Airbnb and Vodafone has gone through the method of rebranding and also the change in their logos is particularly noteworthy. We compiled the logo changes and also the processes of those brands for you.


Changing a feature in a complete that’s known by millions or even billions of individuals for the success of rebranding continuously poses an enormous risk. Rebranding work of Gap is a model of this.

The famous clothing brand Gap had a dark blue logo with Gap written in capital. By 2010, Gap decided to modernize its complete identity. In the new logo, the iconic blue parallelogram that has been a district of the brand identity since 1986 has been removed and a smaller blue sq. has placed below the letter “p”.

In the course of rebranding process, the font of the logo has also modified. Instead of the brand with capital and long, narrow letters, a bolder font is used with only first letter capitalized. Logo amendment has not been formally declared. Old logos have been far from the Gap computer and shared with customers on social networks.

 Gap has received a lot of criticism regarding the new logo on Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of tweets and comments have been made. There was even a new Twitter account named Gap Logo. Gap’s former president Marka Hansen issued a letter of apology and stated that they pursued a wrong strategy and missed the chance of interacting with on-line community.

To modernize the logo while not fully dynamical it, Gap tried another way and succeeded. The brand currently uses a clear font showing the color of the background.


Starbucks made changes to its logo in 2011. This change was supported simplification instead of an entire do-over. The inexperienced ring around the logo and therefore the words Starbucks occasional has been removed however the long-lasting Starbucks green has been preserved. The black area behind the imaginary creature figure has left itself to inexperienced. Brand has also revived its internet web site underneath this re branding method.

 The logo amendment of Starbucks has not hurt the complete in any approach. They haven’t received any negative criticism from the press or the social media. We will say the foremost necessary reason for this can be the approach of “simplicity”. Instead of designing a replacement logo, the brand strengthened itself by simplifying its existing logo.


Vodafone, one of the three of the largest telecommunication company within the world, redesigned its logo utterly in 1997. All the older elements of the brand except the color are removed. This logo was formed as a SIM card. The “apostrophe” icon later becoming the Vodafone signature has been used for the first time. To incorporate the new logo to its complete identity, the word “Vodafone” also took its place in the brand. The space between two “o” letters has been designed to place the “apostrophe”.

 In 2006, Vodafone has gone thorough re branding one more time. The SIM card background and the text are removed. The iconic component of Vodafone, the “apostrophe” has stayed. The white color in the background of the logo has been changed to feature additional depth. The word Vodafone has continued to be used with a more oval font more and removed its design component between 2 “o” letters. Vodafone hasn’t gone through a big change in its internet site. The old logo has been modified with the new one solely.

In 2013, Vodafone has done another and a simpler re-branding work. The word Vodafone has been removed from the logo and gained a trendier look. The web site encompasses a terribly completely different design thereto than it absolutely was in 2013. The main difference is that the separation of the Vodafone logo from the higher menu and also the placement of the emblem during a huge line protruding from it. When we tend to verify the changes within the Vodafone logo, we will say that it absolutely was a shot to achieve the one signature logo for the complete.


When it executed its re-branding effort in 2014, Airbnb has brought the attention to itself with its abstract logo design. Having been using a sophisticated text as its recent logo, Airbnb uses an abstract design and a simply legible text in its new logo. Brand names its new logo as Bélo.

According to Airbnb, Bélo represents people, places and love is represented by the capitalized letter A. Brand has additionally printed a video explaining however these components represent these ideas. However, people are a lot of interested regarding however a logo appearance than what it’s representing. Most people suppose that the new logo is inappropriate. Also there is AN audience that believes there are similarities between the new logo and therefore the popular culture icons like E.T. and the Family Guy character Peter Griffin.

Airbnb has done some work to promote its logo modification, it has been announced through many various channels and there has been lots of talk about it. Looking at it from this facet, it can be ended that they were triple-crown. However there’s one lesson for the brands hunting the rebranding method: Brands got to take under consideration of however it’ll be perceived by individuals once they’re dynamic their logos or going through a brand new style process.

While the modification in the complete logos might strengthen the complete identity in people’s mind, it can conjointly negatively have an effect on it. For a process like this, it’s important for the brands to think about the needs and also the expectations of the audience.


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